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THE  Multi-Function Animal Catch Pole 
The design is made to protect not only the animal from injury but also the handler. Every Catch Pole can be adapted with the optional special locking mechanism to lock the loop in place, allowing both hands to be used on the pole for maneuvering the animal. 
All the parts are specially produced to reduce sharp edges, the wool padding and rubber covering also aides in the prevention of injury. All animal catchers can be used on unruly Dogs, Cats, small Goats, Sheep, Calves, Llamas, Alpacas, Groundhogs, Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels, and other zoo animals where the animal must be controlled or moved without injury. 
The  Multi-Function Animal Catch Pole is revolutionary with its features and advantages. 
It is the only Catch Pole on the market that combines, automatic loop re-coil should you miss your catch; cable brake once you snare the animal, and it allows you to use both hands while the cable brake holds the cable tight, and the loop release which means by pulling the small handle you release one end of the loop at the head which allows for easy snare extraction once the animal is in cage or box. 
The cable is special 3/16 inch vinyl coated aerospace galvanized steel for strength and will not abrade the animals neck such as thinner plastic coated cables do. 
It comes with a replaceable “Woolie” at the head of the snare to protect the animals teeth from biting, and the back of the animals neck from injury as they jerk or move around, which is critical in animal safety. This way you never have to have your hands close to the animal's head while catching or releasing it. 
It can be used on Dogs,  Cats, Calves, Goats, Alpacas and  many other small animals. 
When used in conjunction with the "Rip Stop" nylon Catch Bags you can safely catch small Cats, Puppies, Ferrets, or other small-neck animals that could be injured by a wire snare.  
The Catch Bag has a special pull cord to close the bag securely for safe transport. 
The Catch Poles come in standard  4, 5 and 6 foot lengths,  other lengths can be manufactured to your specifications. 
 4 ft Catch Pole
 5 ft Catch Pole
 6 ft Catch Pole
 Replacement "Woolies"
 Large "Rip Stop" Catch Bags
 Small "Rip Stop" Catch Bags
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